Instructions Auction (EN)

Rules and operation of the auction:

1. Independently of these rules, they are and prevail in case of duplicity or conflict, the own ones of the Web web where we have hosted our auctions due to its high technology, comfort and low cost.

2. Farewell to the F5, now on this Website when a bid is made, all the connected see the new bid in a maximum of 5 seconds, no need for anyone to have that update their PC, due new automatic update system.

3. Before bidding on a pigeon make sure it is the one you want, once the bid is made, it is firm.

4. We accept replica bids, ie, if a pigeon is bumped in the last 5 minutes, the auction's completion time increases by 10 minutes, so there may be a replica, and so on as long as there are replicas.

5. When the auction ends, an e-mail is automatically generated for the successful bidder, reminding him that he has a maximum of 10 naturals days for the payment of the same. Also in the private area of the bidder, there is the section "Won Auctions" where relevant reference the data, including the maximum payment date, will also be available.

Before of the shipment, will communicate by email the postage amount so that you proceed to your pre-shipment payment.

To enter the auction click on: